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Adult (??) Acne

Loging in for the first time in 6 years. And surprise, I'm still dealing with acne. But after reading my old posts I know I'm dealing with a very different type of acne than I did back in high school. Quick run down - My skin did look great for my senior prom. Now in the grand scheme of things, prom really wasn't that big of a deal and neither was that first date. I finished out my Actutane treatment and suffered from some pretty gnarly side effects that I won't ever willingly revisit. I continued taking BCP (Yasmin/Ocella) and had FLAWLESS skin for 3-4 years, which took me through college without any significant skin woes. It gave me a taste of what it's like to be "normal". To be able to wake up and not think twice about your skin, or makeup, or interacting with people. Glory be unto the cosmic wonder that gave me those years. After a while though I started experiencing some hormonal acne flare ups (but they were minimal, mild at worst) so we added Spironolactone to the mix (25 mg 2x per day). That seemed to help for a while, but eventually I decided to up that another 25 mg per day and did well with that for a while.

Skip ahead a few months and you'll catch up to me, sitting here a little lost. About 6 months back I started having more breakouts than usual and attributed it to stress and a move and hard water and just about everything else. But each month the breakouts were getting worse and worse. Finally, after putting a filter on every single faucet in my house I realized that the breakouts were cyclical, but in the most un conventional way. Instead of breaking out the week before and the week of my period I was CLEARING UP the week of my period and hating life every other week. And the blemishes were weird! Lots of little tiny whiteheads across my forehead, in my eyebrows, on my eye lids (!!!), and over the bridge of my nose. And second surprise, I couldn't keep my fingers off of them. It was no good. I even had a friend say "You're right, it is getting worse by the hour" after hearing me vent about having multiple new zits pop up every day and every night. Now, I know I have it easy comparatively, but I cant hide out 3 weeks of the month! 

So I quit the BCP cold turkey. Mid-pack. I was done putting something in to my body if the one week I wasn't taking it I was clearing up. And guess what? I CLEARED UP. For 1 month.....

And now I'm here. Having a more mild version of that wired breakout. But now I have NO idea where I'm at in my cycle ( I haven't had a period in 6 weeks...) And I have no idea if / when there will be relief. So I'm a little lost. I don't really want to get back on BCP without seeing what my body acclimates to (they say it takes 3 months, yeah?), and if I do start taking it again I think I'm going to request the non-generic ($$$$$$). I DON'T want antibiotics. I DON'T want prescription topicals that are going to take my mild breakout to full blown, meltdown, cry myself to sleep initial breakout only to then go through the same thing when it stops working in a few months.

Despite my overwhelming urges to go to the Dermatologist and beg for anything that will fix this immediately, I am going to stick to my guns. I'm going all natural. Well, with the exception of Spironolactone (Hey, a girls got to have a safety net). So no BCP for at least 2 more months. No crazy blue light treatment. No peels. But what about Apple Cider Vinegar? I have read every ACV review on the internet and I think I want to believe. I mean, I'm willing to give it a shot. For at least 1 month. I think. My plan is to drink 2-4 tsp ACV per day and to use a 3:1 diluted ACV toner after washing my face morning and night. Potentially increasing the dilution if I react well to the toner. Worst case, I smell like a salad and look like a pizza. Best case, I take control of this Adult Acne thing. 

So bottoms up all you 20-somethings. Confidence tastes terrible. 


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