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6 + Years After Accutane



Hey everyone! 

While I was sitting in the office at my now full-time job, I came across an article on buzzfeed that reminded me how bad my acne used to be and how soul-crushing it was for my self-esteem. Now, I've graduated with a bachelor's degree in english, a master's in journalism and at 23, have a very happy life (despite a few breakouts here and there). 

I haven't logged on to this site in YEARS, but I wanted to share another update, post-accutane about how my life has gone since then. So, here's me over the last few years! Yes, I do have makeup on in these pictures because these are of me livin' life, not worried about my skin.  

If you look at the pictures close enough, I still DO get pesky chin zits, but with healthy eating habits and exercise, it's under control. With accutane, I thought I would never get another zit again, but that's not true. I've had stressful, deadline-packed months in college that wreaked havoc on my skin, and that special time of the month is still a surprise for my face. I still have scars on my cheeks from the cystic acne I had, and some pock and red marks scattered on my skin, but oh, the power of makeup these days in incredible. 

I go back and forth between using an acne cleanser and a mild cleanser. As I've gotten older, It seems that the more "acne" products I use on my skin, the worse it gets. Curious, huh? I love Purity from Philosophy and Burt's Bees has a great tomato toner that I love. 

I've said this before and I'll say it again: IT GETS BETTER. SO MUCH BETTER. Acne doesn't have to affect your goals in life. I was a depressed, sad and lonely teenager -- or at least I thought I was. It's strange how getting older (and I know I'm not old!) has changed my perspective on my teenage years. Reading my old blog posts makes me sad. I wish I could go back and hug the sixteen-year-old me and show her how she's going to turn out. 

I'm here if anyone has any questions about my time on accutane or how life has been since! 

All the best. xoxox

My most recent photo. October 2015. 

January 2015. 

March 2014.

April 2014.

And for a reminder, this was me at 16.




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