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It's a new day.

I work night shift so I woke up about 3 pm today. I rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom and to my surprise, there were no new pimples on my face. Which is SO rare! The left side of my cheek, that was covered completely in acne for the last 3 weeks, has healed up so much. November 10th will be three full months that I've been on Spiro. I'm trying not to be too hopeful, because I'm afraid my skin is just calming down and going to freak out again in a week or so. But I cannot help how excited I am. Waking up and not wanting to even look at myself in the mirror has been my life for the past 3 or 4 months, so waking up and being excited this morning was a huge thing. I've also been taking Femmenessence Macaharmony for about 3 weeks now, which is a natural hormone balancer. I seen a Youtube video and the girl was saying it helped her hormonal acne significantly. I'm hoping it's helping mine too! Although, my 5 year old niece tonight said "Why do you have all those bumps on your face?" And even though she's 5 and she doesn't know any better, it's hard to hear that. I know people notice my skin when they talk to me, but it's so hard to have it pointed out. Oh well! I washed my face with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser tonight and then used Ole Henriksen's Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask. I'll be happy when I use all of the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser because I like their Daily Cleanser so much more. I picked up 3 Ole Henriksen products from TJ Maxx a few weeks back and I love the Blue/Black Berry Enzyme Mask and I also love the Walnut Complexion Scrub. I also bought the Invigorating Night Treatment, but since my skin has been so broke out, I haven't used it. Anyways, hopefully tomorrow I'll wake up and have no new pimples again! 


@FavreErvaf thank you! Hopefully it will just keep getting better! 

@leelowe1 I feel your pain! I'm the most impatient person ever and knowing Spiro takes months to start working has been so hard for me. I've tried not to concentrate on how long I've been taking it and just focus on trying to be positive. It goes by a lot faster that way! Lol I also try to take mine at the same time every single day, I read that can help the effectiveness! Just don't get discouraged and keep at it! :)

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