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Accutane Log Week 5



Day 35! I am currently finishing up my first week of month 2.

I stopped spiro last week and since have had a breakout of like 3 cysts. not fun & not pretty. I am scared that without the spiro the cysts are going to be bad but I pray that the Accutane keeps them at bay.

So this week did bring 3 active cysts but I am trying to stay positive. As for dryness, my face is not that dry. My body is dry, and some areas on my nose and by my ears are dry but I have been really really good about moisturizing so I think that is helping combat the dryness.

I have been feeling very bloated lately and I don't know if this is because of stopping the spiro or because of the Accutane? Anyone experience this?

Also, I definitely have been having bad lower back aches and moving a little slower than normal, sometimes feel like a grandma!

I will check back in at the end of month 2! Praying for some results soon.

When did everyone else start seeing results?



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