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I'm Shay & I used to blog on here back when I suffered with awful, hormonal, cystic acne (that left me with tons of scars). I do not suffer with acne anymore (I get the occasional small zit but it's no big deal) but I still have the scars - especially on my cheek areas. 

I'm hoping to share some knowledge, or even just support, for those needing it. I KNOW how horrible it is to go through this. I remember spending most of my free time on acne.org either blogging or desperately searching for cures. Acne pretty much sucked my life away for a while. 

I have learned a LOT - what works, what doesn't, what is a downright BAD / HARMFUL idea for your skin! Looking back, I can't even believe some of the things I tried!  
I started a youtube channel for healthy recipes but I'll also be covering a lot of acne stuff since that is obviously a subject that is close to my heart. 

Here is my acne story in video form... I hope you can find even one helpful thing in it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz8HfhcCkw0 . I'll be posting a lot of other videos coming up... the craziest thing I tried, a list of each and every treatment I remember attempting, how I'm doing now, my anti aging / anti acne routine, what I'm trying to get rid of the scars, etc. 

I would honestly love to hear from you and hopefully support you in some way... either on here or on my youtube channel. Cystic acne... or any acne for that matter can truly devastate a person, ruin your self esteem, take over your life, lead to depression & social anxiety... but you only understand that if you've gone through it - and I have. 

Whoever is reading this, I am cheering for you and I truly want to share advice that will help someone. And whoever you are, you are beautiful and I hope you know that. 

From someone who's been there,

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