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15 week update



Got to see my derm last Thursday. Told her my deal, that I was breaking out since I was just about to start my period, but that overall my skin's been doing good, I've just still got a lot of hyperpigmentation and scarring. She told me she was going to give me another prescription of Benzamycin and Tazorac, but that she would up Taz to 0.1% and make it the gel form instead. I told her that I was out of Ery-Tab but that to be honest I didn't want to use an antibiotic anymore, and she told me that it's totally fine and that she also wanted me to just finish it up and be done with it. So that's that. Just before I left I mentioned that my tinea versicolor was coming back, so she gave me a prescription for 2% ketoconazole and some other one that the pharmacy was out of so I wasn't able to pick up.
One thing she's mentioned during both my appointments is if I wanted to get rid of the 2-inch dark spot on the side of my face. You can see it on some of the photos I've put up on here, left side of my face. For a long time I thought it was just a birthmark, but my mom says I wasn't born with it, so I'm guessing its something that developed after years of not using sunscreen back in grade school. I personally don't care about it, but I guess I could see about it later.


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