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Where have I been?



Hey all!  It's been soon long so i thought i would stop by in case someone was still interested.  I'm still searching for my acne relief plan.  It's been a bumpy road both literally and figuratively.  Still breaking out, still getting some nasty hyper pigmentation marks which don't heal as i keep breaking out in the same darn areas.   Face is dry and itchy so all in all things are going great.....Not!

I am on day #47 of spiro @ 100 mg and almost two weeks into oracle (low dose doxy).  I don't expect to see any improvement for several months but i can say that my acne has gotten worse.

I'm trying to stay positive though.  Hopefully in a few weeks i'll have some better news.


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I've just recently come back too. You're one of the blogs I follow so you're stuff came up in my feed. My derm put me on low dose doxy too, Aprillon in Canada. How are you finding it? I had awful painful breakouts at first but now I haven't had any huge painful ones like that in at least a month. I'm on month two. She put me on Clindoxyl too, clindamycin and BP cream. Does absolutely nothing. I'm finding the only topical treatment that works is slathering my face in Dan's BP and drying everything out. I'm still getting new papules and pustules every day. I go back to my derm after 4 months of Aprillon to re-evalute. 

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I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling too.  My low dose doxy does not work on a bacterial level as it is for rosacea.  i found topicals too drying and due to eczema, i can't use them except on my forehead and even then, in moderation.  


Keep us posted on your progress. 

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