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Slowly but surely

Hey guys, long time no speak. I can't believe it's been nearly 6 months since I posted on here. So I want to get straight into it. Here's an updated skin routine then I'll go into some details, some things have changed some haven't. Here goes:

acne.org cleanser
ACV toner
Cetaphil moisturiser 
Smashbox Light Primer....makeup etc

PM - post make up removal
acne.org cleanser
clearogen cleanser
ACV toner
La Roche Posey Effaclar Duo+
Cetaphil with a drop of EPO

Spot treatments (sparingly)
sudocrem (errrday)
PTR sulfur cooling mask
Cortizone (only for deep cysts)

De La Cruz Sulfur
Peter Thomas Roth Cooling Mask (I mix the two above together)
Aztec Indian Secret with Braggs ACV (I add de la cruz sometimes). 

Zinc - 100-200mg per week
Evening Primrose Oil
Now Foods Female Balance 

As my acne is hormonal it's like clockwork. This is both advantageous and frustrating knowing its coming but not being able to do much about it. October has probably been the best month for me in terms of acne I started taking now foods female balance straight after my last cycle and that seems to be doing something   I don't feel as tho I can review it just yet. But if you have any questions please let me know. 

I used to take zinc daily but I think it's stopped working a bit so I've cut back. 

Ok, cleansing. I've been using acne.orgs cleanser which I love to bits but as I'm in the uk it's not too easy to get hold of and eBay sellers seem to have up'd their prices. I tried to come off this product but my acne was flaring up due to YourTea skin magic (yuck and btw they edit people's reviews and don't approve the negative ones it's all rubbish) clea skin in 2 weeks yeah ok I wish. Anyway I had to get myself another acne.org cleanser because nothing else was working. However after a recent trip to Paris I picked up a La Roche-Posay cleanser which is a beaut. Too early to review though but this is a possibly replacement. 
I use clearogen as and when. Can be quite drying but it helps. 
La Roche Eff.... Is amazing really gets rid of those stubborn red marks left from old spots loving it and have been for about 4 months. Only product is I get through them quite quickly and they are pricey!!

My de la cruz mask has been a long term favourite for me it just works. I won't go into too much detail as I've mentioned this is previous posts but I do tend to mix this with the Green clay mask and this works wonders. 

Im in two minds about my Peter Thomas Roth mask. I like it but I don't think it reduced the spots themselves. It does defiantly even out the skin and help with redness and brown spots. It can be very drying if not used correctly. ive had it a good 8 months and have used it on a weekly basis it's only running out now. 

I know this post has been a bit messy but im writing it from my phone which is annoying. Please let me know if you have any questions about any products I've mentioned.

My skin is about 90% clear and my breakouts are reduced to almost once a month. Yes I'm careful with my diet but not that careful, like I still eat wheat, gluten and even some dairy recently (I've been daily free for over a year now) but I'm so happy with my skin at the moment. I genuinely thought I'd have acne forever so if I can help even one person in the slightest I'll be over the moon!!!


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