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Skin Care Routine (natural products)

I've about had it with my acne, i have moderate to severe acne. I get the whole galore, cysts, white heads, clogged pores the whole shebang. My problem is that i freak out and try all these products that aggravate my face even more and its a mess and i end up losing and my face being even worse than before. I feel ugly because my skin never wants to stay clear. I dont want to go on anymore prescriptions and use any drugstore products that just dry my skin out more. I have oily skin and its a little sensitive. So i went on the Vitamin shoppe website and decided to buy a few things so i can clear my face and this routine will be what i will be sticking to for the next three months. Im still waiting for it to arrive which is my absolute favorite thing when it comes to online shopping but itll come soon i hope. 

here is going to be my skin care routine:

Starting: Whenever products come in 
Going to do consistently for three months no matter what! 
Vitamins internally
Vitamin a 
Skin care products: 
Face wash: Neem and Tumeric 
Toner: thayers Witch Hazel and Rose water 
Moisturizerwater, tea tree oil and lavender oil - aloe Vera cream - simple face lotion spf 15
Serumthe essential oil mix or maracuja oil 
Spot treatments: tea tree oil or lavender oil 
ExtraAztec healing clay mask 
Manuka honey/charcoal mask 
konjac sponge
Morning routine:
Wash face with Neem/Tumeric face wash
Tone skin with witch hazel 
Spray face with tea tree/lavender oil mix 
Apply make up 
Night routine: 
 Wash face with Neem and Tumeric face wash 
(Sometimes with clarisonic) 
Tone face with witch hazel 
Spray face with tea tree oil, lavender water spray 
Apply serum 
Apply moisturizer if needed either msm cream or aloe Vera gel/cream 
Spot treatment if needed either lavender oil or tea tree oil 


Make sure you are eating well and staying away from sugar and yeasty food. Please drink plenty of water. And if you can get a blender or juicer and use fruits and vegetables for a drink. C leasing will help the skin and speed up the process.

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@Witknee2 Yeah i try my best to stay away from sugar and dairy. I do drink plenty of water, i mostly drink water. I try to eat well for the most part, not eat too much meat because of the hormones it contains. I drink fruit and oatmeal smoothies in the morning.  im just trying to figure out whether its internal or external, like whether its my shampoo and im going to stop conditioning my hair with conditioner and just try coconut oil. Im just trying to go at it several different ways and its just upsetting :( What are yeasty foods though? Never thought about that before? 

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Oatmeal causes me to break out!! I think its because its its a rough grain. I just read today it can affect the small intestine.Yeasty foods are breads, rice(mainly white rice), flour, dairy ,cheese,eggs, processed foods and also alcohol . All these foods convert to "sugar" which triggers acne. And even too much fruit , though it healthy can trigger acne because its full of sugar. You body needs cleansing and candida killing herbs with an herb that helps cleanse the liver. Ive broken out bad and am about to get back on this regimen because it really kept me clear with a healthy diet mainly just vegetables and low fruits.

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I'm curious how your regimen is going! Do you like the konjac? I'm fed up with my acne, too. I'm tackling mine internally with Progessence Plus. I'm on the first week. Hope your skin is better.

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