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Day 46 Update- I am a human snake

Day 46- Retin A oh the struggle. I have been using my retin a everyday for over two weeks and damn is my skin peeling. I am the human snake. It is not particularly red or irritated looking but I wake up with flakes, scrub them all off, moisturize, put on light make up. By mid afternoon my skin looks alittle dry and my make up looks alittle uneven and by nighttime you can tell the entire top layer of my skin is flaking off and shedding. My skin is cycling unbelievably fast, I cannot understand how my entire face is ready to shed off twice a day but it is. It makes wearing make up challening and no manner of moisterizing helps. It would look alot better without make up ( you would notice the flakes less) but I do have alot of red spots and scars that are fresh and need to be hidden. I have stopped using honey twice a day simply because my bathroom is very cold so the granules crystalize making it a great exfoliator but also a bit abrasive to be used twice a day when my skin is this thin. Usually I'll wash my face with neutrogena ultra gentle clensor or sunflower oil at night, moisterize all over with cerave pm and alittle coconut oil on super dry spots. In the morning I'll wash my face with honey, leave it on for 10 minutes, then moisturize with cerave am and put on my make up.

As I have mentioned before I have a pretty bad compulsive skin picking problem. Med school has made this much worse and if you pick like I do you have to be VERY careful with Retina. Retina will help your scars fade and give you a more even skin tone eventually, and its not that the purging stage is that bad at this point, but my skin is very thin. If I pick at even closed comedomes on my forehead I will leave ulcer like lesions that stay red for a while. I have really struggled not to pick but before my last test I did pick at some spots on my forhead and it looked so bad my mom asked if I had measles :( The bright side is pimples that do form will cycle quickly and go away if you COMPLETELY leave them alone, which is borderline impossible (I have never had a zit I didn't pick). But if a pimple almost has a head in the morning, if you make it all day without picking by the time you wash your face at night the pimple will open with your scrub and you can gently drain it. There have been some big suckers coming up on my cheecks and chin lately which is also my main site of peeling.

Honestly, my skin does look way worse than when I started retin A. It looks awful. But I have done this before and I know you just have to keep on trucking and I can't wait to hit that 6 month mark.


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