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Day 49 - 7 weeks in



Hola. So, it's been a rough week.

If you read my SOS message then you know that ingrown nails are becoming a problem for me (pictures in my album - they're not too gross). I have no previous history and I take very good care of my nails (which I guess might be the problem) so I don't think it's anything I'm doing plus I've googled and most podiatrists and dermatologists say they're common with accutane/ isotretinoin. I have one on each foot, on the same toe and these are preventing me from my daily routine. I am not attending tennis because it would hurt too much and possible worsen my condition. Also, my school is big and the walk to and from classes is unpleasant and painful with these little buggers. Solution? Well... I don't really have one yet. I was keeping neosporin and bandaids on them and I just got ahold of my derm this morning who set me up with an appointment for them to see my toes and told me to take an anti-biotic she had previously prescribed for me. Back in week 2, I mentioned that my acne was really terrible and painful and that she had prescribed Cephalexin - which fights infection - for me. I never took it because, basically the day that I got it my face cleared up. So, it's just been sitting in my medicine cabinet. She knew I never took it and just told me to take it for this so we'll see how that goes. She also told me to keep the bandaids off of it because they need to air out and be dry. 

In other news, my glasses are also starting to bother me. Pictures are in my album. But the part of my glasses that touches the bridge of my nose and the sides of the bridge were getting irritated, becoming red, and peeling. It didn't sting unless I put the moisturizer on it so I tried that and it was alright but I don't need my glasses all the time so when I'm not wearing them it looks weird. I speak in past tense because in the past few days the red marks have gone away, but I also haven't been wearing my glasses too much. 

My acne has been weird. First bout of weirdness, I was in the shower so my face was wet and out of nowhere, it just started stinging. I put on my moisturizing body wash which I usually use to wash my face anyways and it still stung. Second, the big pustular cystic heads have been popping up along my chin but they're popping really easily. Which would be good except they just ooze for forever and form all over again. Third, my neck is still breaking out really bad. I have 2-3 cystic heads but mostly whiteheads otherwise. Fourth, I have about 8 big cystic heads on my back, predominantly on my spine, so chairs are fun. They hurt really badly and do prevent movement. Good news though, whereas my back used to be just covered in blackheads and the pores were elevated, there are now minimal blackheads and a good part of it is clear. Most of the acne is now concentrated on my lower back, along the bra line, and on my shoulders. 

Well, here's to hoping that the Cephalexin goes well and that my acne starts to clear up soon. I keep thinking... "what if this doesn't work?" This process honestly sucks, so far, and if it's worth it, I will praise accutane forever but if it's not..........

Until next week! 


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I'm rooting for you!  I'm on spiro and breaking out much worse than when I started and skin is so dry all over so I get your frustration.  Stay encouraged and hopeful.

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I'm feeling the same way - my acne is worse than it's been in years and the peeling/dry skin is so unsightly so it is very discouraging but I'm two months in and it would be such a waste to drop it now. Especially if it does work. Thank you! @leelowe1

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I'm in nearly the exact same boat as you- I started breaking out REALLY BAD around day 50-ish. It was hard to eat because my face hurt so much. I'm at around day 66 ish and I've really started clearing up. All my active acne is nearly gone and there are only uninflamed whiteheads left behind. Clear skin is near for you! This is the final stretch

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@I Love Cetaphil good to hear! I've been researching how long until I should start seeing results - especially because my face was pretty clear after my initial break out until I moved up to 80mg. I'm on day... 56. Just at 2 months! 
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