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I have had acne since age 10! It is mainly hormonal and oily spots. I basically been on anti-biotic for 6 year trying to treat it but its persistent! My acne compared to some cases ive seen is mild. I have lots of little pimps on my forehead, cheeks, and breakout regularly in some puss spots but no cysts etc. However i thought i'd grow out of acne but 8 years on it's still persistent! I always denied accutane as i was young and didn't want to deal with the side effects like dry skin and mood swings. However in April i decided i'd start accutane in September after my holidays (as i like to tan and no sun on accutane!)

So after blood tests i started on 5th October 2015. 
Day 1- shitting one but no effects
Day 2-7- Beginning still nervous making sure i eat with accutane if anything SLIGHTLY less oily skin
Week 1-2 - lips are cracking and easily becoming dry and chapped but it is extremely manageable.
Carmex and Eucerin lip balms are working wonders applying regularly even when not required to be safe.

As far as products go:

For cleanser i used the pro -collagen cleanser by Elemis. I used this before accutane and it helpe dloads to reduce pore sizes, gets rid of all makeup easily hydrating on skin feels amazing! I love it and it's still my favourite product. £39 pound but if you have an Elemis near you they give you free samples but it keeps skin clear, doesn't dry it up and is anti-ageing haha! Honestly try it. Great when not on accutane too.

Cetaphil moisturizer for face (As adviced for other blogs) Use this morning and night haven't experienced dry skin yet but I'm hoping this will aid the prevention. I'll let you know how i get on with this product. Nice to use though :).

No dry body yet but palmers cocoa butter never fails.

Mid week 3 now still the same, i'll keep posting as i find other blogs helpful in deciding to take accutane and how to manage. Everyone is different but i swear by elemis cleanser, ask anything you want!

ALSO i am taking 40mg a day :)


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