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Week 2



What's up guys so I realized I forgot to tell you how much I'm taking, I'm taking 40mg a day for the first month, 80mg for the next month, and after that I'm not sure my derm didn't tell me.  Week 2 I had a breakout of about 6 cysts most of them being on my left side of my face.  I don't know why that happens I always breakout only on one side sometimes it's my right and sometimes its my left side.  This breakout wasn't too bad my cysts don't hurt like they used too, my skin is feeling softer and it's less oily.  Surprisingly the only side effects I still have are dry lips and dry face.  I pretty much have to be putting on chapstick every hour and I've been putting on lotion everyday as well, I use cetaphil lotion which has 30 spf too.  I'm still trying to go vegan but it's tough.  Food with animal products is definitely a lot more accessible than plant based foods.  So what I'e been doing is basically one day I don't eat any animal products and the nest day yes.  Everytime I take my pill I always make sure I'm taking it with my biggest meal or the meal that has the most fat, because I've heard the pill is digested better with fats.  I'm eating a whole bunch of healthy fats like peanuts, almonds, avocado's and staying away from saturated fat/ trans fat so like cookies, chips, donuts etc...  Week 3 is here and many people say that this when you have the worst breakout so I have my fingers crossed that it isn't too bad.     


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