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Week 1



Hey guy's decided to start a blog about my accutane journey and to hopefully answer any questions you guys have. So I finally decided to go on accutane after trying all the creams,face washes, and pills possible.  I have mild acne I have cysts on my cheeks and pimples around my chin and lips, I don't have acne on my back or chest.  I have had acne since I was 18 and I am now 20, when I got out of high school my acne just gradually got worse. Throughout high school I only suffered with the occasional pimple but once I graduated my face would breakout constantly and now it's been the worse it's ever been. Finally decided to go on accutane because I was so frustrated with my face and i was getting pretty self conscious about myself. For my first week I actually didn't really breakout I felt like things actually got better. Towards the end of week I started to get really dry lips and my face  is really dry too so far those are the only side effects I've.  I'm trying to cut out all animal products because I've heard a plant based diet can actually help clear acne.  It's just hard because pretty much everything has some kind of animal product in it, I just really need to go grocery shopping and buy a lot of veggies,fruits, grains and soy products.  I also workout every day and haven't had any issues of muscle fatigue/pain.  Week 1 went a lot better than expected but I do know things definitely get uglier. Patience is key and I'm going to stay positive through tout this whole journey.


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