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Day 42 - 6 weeks in!



Am I SIX WEEKS IN?! Yeah I am! :clap:

Trying to stay positive here! General update: Accutane is NOT fun so here's to hoping that it's worth it. So I left it last week saying that the side effects were definitely doubled with the higher dosage. This week, a lot of those side effects have either toned down or disappeared completely. I'm not SAD or DEPRESSED or ANXIOUS (at least not right now), I'm still pretty dry but I've gotten a handle on how often I need to moisturize, and I upped my water consumption by A LOT which does seem to help. 

SO, I did in fact wear make up last week and today so for the girls who are wondering how that goes, here ya go (if you're a dude you can skip this part). Last week I put a very light amount of moisturizer on and then my liquid foundation and then my powder and my face peeled as soon as I was done applying my foundation... super fun. The powder didn't help either but as soon as I was done touching my face, it was fine for the rest of the day. My lips also did relatively well with lipstick on. You couldn't tell that they were peeling or dry and it DOES help to consistently add chapstick or lip balm or what have you throughout your day. Today, I put on a larger amount of moisturizer, probably the size of the tip of my finger, and let it sit for a few minutes and the peeling wasn't as bad when I applied my foundation and powder. Peeling was minimal and has stayed that way and I've had it on for... at least 9 hours now. In other words, make up IS possible, you just have to be careful how you do it. 

(Guys you can jump back in now) Acne update: Since last week, I would definitely say that my skin is in the initial breakout stage of the higher dosage. New heads are itchy and they break open a lot easier but they're mostly only the white heads. The heads basically open up every time I wash my face and they just kind of scab over now. Also, like I said last week, my forehead has finally caught up but I'm getting them mostly around my hairline. For me, it has been a huge problem because they are deep and painful and I have long hair so whenever I am messing with my hair such as brushing it or putting it up or even towel drying it, it pulls on that acne and it hurts. 

In general, I'm feeling alright. My skin is super super super SUPER SUPER itchy though. It's the worst on my forearms and thighs but it is everywhere. The one thing I have noticed though is that my skin is breaking a lot easier. Things that have NEVER cut me before are cutting me now and the cuts are staying around for a lot longer. There are a few pictures in my album that show these cuts that I've been getting, mostly on my hands and arms. I also tried one of my exfoliating aloe vera masks that I used before accutane and boy! was that a bad idea. It stung on contact and I was only able to handle it for about a minute and a half before I went running to the skin to wash it off. 

So that's basically it for this week. I uploaded some photos throughout the week to show you how bad the peeling is and how it does improve with the cetaphil. But 2 things I want to say: 1) if you guys need someone to talk to, my door is open. Whether you wanna talk about how anxious this drug is making you or if you just want to gossip about how much you hate acne, I'm all for it. Also, if you have questions, feel free to ask; sometimes I leave some of the more personal stuff out but in a closed environment, I would be ok sharing. 2) And then also, shoutout to @thedayacneceased. I think that is such a clever name - love it!

And so, I leave you with this:


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