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Day 52

I Love Cetaphil


Starting at day 52.. becuase why not right
on 40 mg/day for 2 months, will be going onto 80 mg for my 3rd month

So far i'm in the middle of a huge IB, we're talking about 10 whiteheads on each cheek and redder than Donald Trump.

Although my acne is considered severe, 1. I'm a guy, so nobody really cares and 2. I'm usually a class clown so even less people could care about how I look. That's been the main strategy i've had in staying strong the past 1 1/2 months along with reading acne.org blogs practically every night.

Anyways, symptoms:

Occasional stomach aches- i just eat a crap ton of yogurt and the aches go away
Not as dry skin as I would like
Severe facial breakout, which is funny because my moderate back and chest acne have completely cleared up, with most of the scars fading quickly too
Dry lips, Carmex is love, Carmex is life. Seriously, they sell it in chapstick form at target now, and I love it. (I just applied more after writing this)
Occasional joint pain and weakness - my leg was trembling walking down the stairs at school, it was pretty funny to watch

I've never really been a moody person, and Accutane hasn't changed that. No depression or what not, which is pretty refreshing.


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