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okay so its been a week since my last entry.

I have stopped using ACV.
The benefits i found was, it did try up pimples and slightly help scars, however the negatives outweighed this. 
Open pimples got worse and any scabs were opened and got really red and grew. Also the little white dots that i mentioned in the previous entry, eventually became sort of dry rashes. Like the type you get in the crook of your arm and under your knee when it gets too dry. 
To be honest, it was the worst I'd ever looked, i didn't even want to leave the house. Not only was my skin red and looked like i'd been burnt all up the side, but it felt revolting. It was extremely depressing, i even cried at one point. 

However i havent given up on ACV, for multiple reasons.
I stopped using ACV on friday, after which my scabs peeled quickly, although there are slight scars. The dry rash things left no scars however. Furthermore, at the moment, my skin is nicer than it was before i used ACV. Scars are very slightly faded, or maybe I'm imagining that, but it definetly has a nicer colour and looks healthier.

I've decided either, the negativity of ACV is:
-a result of undiluted ACV, although i truly dont think that should matter as i dont have sensitive skin.
-ACV wasn't beneficial to my skin at that time (when i still had a lot of open or new scabs/pimples)

It should also be noted while my skin is nice at the moment, i'm not sure that is a result of ACV use or stopping use.
Since i stopped, i havent had a very strong cleaning routine.  I've barely been at home and have worn make-up alot, only washing my face in the morning. 

I'm unsure what to do now, because if what i experienced was purging, although i don't think it was, i cant decide whether it would be beneficial to continue using ACV or not. 
Furthermore as i cant tell whether this weekends routine will take a while to affect my skin, if so, I'll probably start breaking out soon. 

I think at the moment i'll continue washing my face in the morning and night with my facial cleanser. If any pimples start to form i'll use ACV, however only on them, not the rest of my skin. 

if i change anything, i'll mention it next time :) :)



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