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1 Day Pre-Accutane



So quick backstory, I am 14 and I've had acne for a few years now. It was at it's worse last winter and has calmed down a lot since then but I still have scars and pigmentation problems along with the occasional fresh breakout. Most of my acne is just on my cheeks. I started breaking out a bit on my chest, though. That's kind of alarming to me because I've never had acne there.

I've tried every medication, topical treatment, antibiotic, laser treatment, and acne peel. I've been through numerous dermatologists and all of them all just wanted to prescribe me another useless topical. So about a month ago I FINALLY found a derm who agreed to put me on accutane (All the other ones argued that I was too young, my skin wasn't that bad, etc.) I did my first round of bloodwork and filled out all the papers and I'm going back today to get my first prescription of accutane.

I'm prepared for dry lips/dry skin. I have all my moisturizers and stuff ready. I naturally have dry skin already so I think I'll know how to take care of it. My skin's actually been pretty calm lately so I'm hoping the initial breakout won't be that bad. I just had a major breakout a few weeks ago, so I hope that got a lot of stuff out (ew)

I don't know the exact dosage I'll be on yet but it probably won't be that much, I'm pretty small and don't weigh that much for my height.

So yeah thats pretty much it I'll update this blog in a few days when I start the medication.

(Enjoy these awkward pics of me, I tried taking them in the brightest lighting possible so im in front of a window)




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