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Sudden breakout. Clindamyacin Phosphate gel?



Hi, this is my first time posting a blog on this site. But i just wanted a place to vent after seeing alot of really interesting, relatable posts here. I'm 18 years old and I have always had mild to light acne. I also used to pop my pimples, like religiously. It was scary at first, but after seeing it become a simple mark that fades in time with no actual scarring nor does it make more pimples, I thought i hit the jackpot. It became mostly easy to deal with acne in highschool and so I got through highschool and my freshman year of college with relatively clear skin. I still had breakouts once in a while, but never too bad and so acne and skin problems were never truly in the forefront of my mind until the last 2 months.

I was working a summer job as a server for a catering company and I started notice as time passed that I was getting a few pimples here and there, no problem though, I just popped them when a whitehead came. Whiteheads come up pretty easily for my skin. However as fall semester was approaching I got more and more, still popped and they faded. Then about my first week into the semester (I took a break from the job), one side of my face started getting covered in pimples, WAY MORE than i've had in a while and MUCH MORE concentrated in one area than I ever had. So I waited it out, popped pimples, and hoping my skin was strong enough to deal with it. But finally it kept continuing, so I decided to stop popping and turned to some acne medication my sister had leftover- clindamycin phosphate gel with benzoyl peroxide. Its been more than 2 weeks in and I honestly can't tell if its working. In fact i feel that while it takes away some pimples, it just gives me more really red ones and makes it spread out more. Sometimes i fall into my old habit when it gets bad, as i've said- whiteheads come easily to my skin, so i popped a few still. Now looking at the mirror, I see a small dark scar and some ice-pick scars here and there on my skin and its wrecking my confidence. I should have been good by this point of time in terms of bad acne. My skin should have gone through the worst during my highschool and middleschool days, college should be my time to finally shine.  It seems like some cruel irony that it shows up when school starts rather than appearing during the summer when it could have been much easier to deal with. I mean almost everyone in college has got great skin at this point, and they should, we are at the age to have more tolerable skin. But that no longer seems to be the case for me and its kinda crapping on my college experience.I'm not saying i shouldn't get any acne, but I should simply deal with the acne i've always had and knew how to deal with. It feels like this is something else entirely, like someone switched my skin and put me in the dark on dealing with this.

So now i am firmly trying not to pop anymore and also I trying to commit to the medicine for about one more week before I see a dermatologist for other options. But the clindamycin phosphate gel requires to be applied twice a day, however it leaves a white spot so I can't use it when I go to class, so i have to use it when i get home around 5-7pm, which doesn't give me alot of time to utilize it twice, but i still try. I just would like to know what others think of this medicine and if you have had the same experience as me when using it. Also, it would be nice to hear any experience similar to mine in terms of having a sudden uncontrollable breakout in your even though you've always had relatively good skin.


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