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Apple Cider Vinegar will be my new regimen, to see if it will fix my acne. I'm in my 20s and a male and I've had acne for about 7 years now, after my first date in high school (haha). I've tried proactiv, since high school, but it never completely got rid of acne. Acne.org Regimen had the same effect, except I only used the BP bottle (Repair Step 3), from Proactive. I must be sensitive to BP, cause it makes my face red, and the redness never decreased even after months of use.

I heard only great things from using Apple Cider Vinegar, both internally and topically, so I'll be drinking 1-2 teaspoons (in a glass of water) of ACV daily and applying ACV twice a day (half water, half ACV). I heard a lot about ACV on youtube and from many articles, with many success stories. 

I also just use the acne.org cleanser (since I have some left), and Grape Seed Oil for a moisturizer. The ACV is said to help fade red marks so I'm hoping it will. Five drops of Grape Seed Oil or less is plenty, and it seems to make my skin very soft. Too bad it's covered in acne, but hopefully will be gone soon.

I'll take some before pictures, and in case this works, after pictures. I'll be honest that acne has caused me to avoid social events and people and has definitely reduced my self-esteem, since it's hard to be confident when you have a skin disease on your face. 

I'll commit to this regimen for a month, maybe more. I'll be back November 2, 2015... which is exactly a month from now. 

Update : It's been a month and it has seemed to make my face worse. I've decided that it's better to go back to using benzoyl peroxide (from this site) on my face. That has helped, but it got better after I stopped using the acne.org cleanser and moisturizer. Their benzoyl peroxide works great for me though, so I'll be using that and post pictures if it gets rid of the acne.

I'm disappointed that apple cider vinegar got so many reviews, but if you do try it, don't put it on the face. I'd really like to see before and after pics of all the people who recommended it, because it caused acne in places I've never seen before. If it's what people call 'purging', I don't want to keep going through it when it lasts for so long (month). I had much better results with benzoyl peroxide.



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