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Week 2: This Is Getting Interesting



Okay so today makes exactly two week on treatment..

So I haven’t been eating too healthy with the excuse that i need somewhat fatty foods for better absorption of the pill.

And i feel like its catching up to me even if it’s only been two weeks.

This morning i had a real bad episode of colic cramps.

i haven’t been able to use the restroom at all. i maybe go like 2 days with no bowl movement.

Today i sat down to try, and i guess i had so much build up gas inside ( sorry for the TMI) that i was literary paralyzed because any movement would cause the worst craps I’ve ever had. And i know this is due to the pill.

As to my outbreaks... well they are still there, but I’ve noticed the pimples go away much, much faster. even if i pick on them, which i know i shouldn’t, but lets me honest, when they look like volcanoes of pus, you can’t help it ( i work with the public, its embarrassing)

But I promise i have stopped...

My lips get dry the moment my Vaseline wears off, which is the only thing that works

at night I have been applying Aloe Vera gel. it has not been more than a week so i cannot tell if its fully working... but i do feel the texture is somewhat changing, and the redness from my previously active acne is much less.

Talk to me guys! i love to read advise and how your experience is going!

Much LOVE!


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