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Starting Accutane



After 3 years fighting against acne (you can see my acne story in my blog) , I finally decided to get into accutane (isotretinoin).

I saw my dermatologist and after we checked-up that my blood test was ok, she prescrived me accutane.

My weight is about 75 kg.

My regimen will be, by tomorrow:

Accutane 20 mg ONCE A DAY , for the first 10 days

Accutane 20 mg TWICE A DAY (40 mg\ day) for the next months.

She also gave me a moistruizer in the morning , a cleanser to wash my face twice a day and , in the nights, a gel with clindamycin and tretinoin + a zinc oxyde pasta , in order to make my red marks fade.

As you can see, This is my skin BEFORE USING ACCUTANE.blogentry-368512-0-32390900-1443646095.pblogentry-368512-0-50760500-1443646107.p


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