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Beware Of Carley's And Steve Wills

Wes side88


The reviews seem totally fake and the product itself is horrible it does nothing to clear pimples if anything it makes them worse! The customer and by customer service Steve Wills is mean as hell he turns into the devil when you want to return a product. I would not recommend it and if you are allergic to nuts or evil people don't buy this product because it comes with both. The soap doesn't clean at all no wonder it is free, it is probably animal fat or something. Not a good product or company, please avoid...I wish I would have. Also it's funny how they don't have a contact number or address listed, this is a shady corporation that only defends themselves or rather himself because he has something to hide. BEWARE OF CARLEY'S AND THE OWNER STEVE WILLS!

The reviews seem very odd as another poster mentioned they all look similar and some are nearly the exactly same, also for such great results their are no pictures, no videos except three pathetic ones on youtube that are 5 years old and they most likely were given free products, if you have never purchased from carley's let me tell you the offer free products for positive reviews, but not only that their site has a near perfect rating even though on many other sites there are over 100 negative ratings, ebay, doesn't have any description reviews except for fast shipping, good customer service (which is true) Steve wills is only nice when you give him money, if you have any complaint he is a word I cannot say on here. Go to ripoffreport.com, I didn't know they had a report on them, but I was searching for negative reveiws as I figured this company had to have some, The person who wrote it had similar experiences and inquiries as other people did on other message boards and sites, and the guy who owned the company sent a rebuttal that no professional ever should send to a customer, even inculded there username or something anyways STEVE WILLS insulted them personally, which I though was crazy, and he did it because they said what many people are wondering which is the reviews on CARLEY's seem very fake, and like they put it manufactured, I wouldn be surprised if he was writing them because he seemed pretty angry and defensive, I can only imagine what the guy says in a personal email that other people can't see, below are some reviews wondering the same thing about this shady guy and comapny. I will also provide the link to the ripoffreport later.


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