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Just Prescribed Accutane!



ok........ as you can guess, posting on a site like acne.org, i've also got that beautiful skin disorder. i'm convinced my skin is out to get me. i first got it when i was 12 and i'm almost 19 now. i have mild to moderate acne, which is persistent like crazy. it just can't seem to get enough of me.

i've tried probably every topical and antibiotic combo in the known world. almost all of them worked, albeit temporarily. i've also tried using 100% natural methods, which were wimpy in comparison to my titanium force zits. i think all those chemicals over seven years have morphed it into some kind of demon.

two months ago, i decided to give a combination of tetracycline and tactupump (epiduo i think it's called in America?) a try, before resorting to accutane. unfortunately, this didn't really do much of anything. i just got back from my dermatologist and she basically said 'you've tried everything... it's accutane time'.

i'm pretty nervous. i'm excited, too! my skin is my biggest insecurity and i'm probably a little insane about it at this point. my friends and family have been roasting me about my decision to go on something as serious as accutane, but damn... i just wanna see my pretty face without these little monsters on it. i don't wanna feel like hiding away from the world anymore. i wanna be proud of my skin!

my last step before taking it is getting my blood tested. i might be able to get that done tonight, but if not, i'll just do it tomorrow morning.

my skin type: light olive, normal pores, sensitive, oily, mild to moderate, hates me

i hope this will be a rewarding experience. with such a high success rate, i have to give it a try.


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