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Day 40



Lips still very dry. A few times a day I actually go in the bathroom and have to rub my lips with water to get the old/ drying aquaphor and skin off and apply new aquaphor. (it doesn't look that bad tho, I've been keeping up with it. Its bareable.) I bring a pocket mirror with me everywhere, i don't care what people think about that - not about to walk around with nasty ash lips lol

I still have good thoughts about this drug, i think I'm getting clearer little by little each day. Still see some under-the skin pimples around my chin, don't know when those will finally surface.

My fingertip sort of peeled off the other day - don't know if its unrelated, no other fingers had this. It's healing now.

I mentioned to a friend i was on a drug for my skin and she said oh i think it working so that made me happy (: maybe other people are noticing too? and just not saying anything bc well thats weird. Its nice to tell people what you're going thru or explain why you're putting aquaphor on every hour tho, and that you're not crazy. just tryna get clear, na mean???

GTG bye!


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