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Red & Dry



So I have officialy done 11 weeks on differin. Don't get me wrong I am still SO very happy with my results regarding my acne. I am still clear, I almost can't believe it now. Can't remember the last time I had a proper pimple. Fab, great, etc.

Now. My actual skins condition is getting me down. My face burns when I put on moisturiser which hasn't happened since since 1-3. My skin is also drier than it was. Like accutane dry. When I wash differin off in the morning and then apply BP and moisturiser I actually get balls of dead skin gather on my face and hands it's so gross. I'm not sure if this should still be happening, all I know is it's gross. No matter how well I prep and prime before make up, if I open my mouth too wide, when eating for example, my make up "cracks". Idk a better word for it. Like it appears to gather in my smile lines. This has never happened before and it looks like wrinkles!!!!! Im only turning 24!!!!! Ugh. I dont know if I should be looking for a really strong moisturiser or even if I should be exfoliating? Need to start getting my research done here!


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