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Hey guys! Okay, so I want to start blogging my skin journey. I'm currently a senior in high school and it wasn't until this year when my skin decided to flare up. I have some pretty bad acne on my forehead, chin, and the right side of my cheek. When my skin first decided to break out I tried to not let it bother me and I would walk out the door and go to school no problem. I attend an all girls school so I don't really have energy to put on cover up in the mornings (plus its not the best for my angry skin). About 4 weeks ago, people started commenting on my skin and asking why I was flaring up so bad. This was especially uncomfortable for me. I would casually laugh it off and tell them it was because of stress or something, but deep down I felt extremely self conscious about it. I don't want my acne to be the first thing people notice when they speak to me, so I decided to take action!

About last week I started doing unhealthy amounts of research on how I could clear my skin. I read forums upon forums and watched about 30 videos on people's journey with their skin. I have always known about acne.org but it wasn't until I started watching videos, did I discover the regimen. I ordered it last week and so my journey begins.

Tonight was the first day I started using it and so far so good. I applied the three steps about 20 minutes ago. The face wash was actually very foamy and rich. Having said that, it did dry my face out quite a bit and it felt quite tight after I was done (even after only doing it for 10 seconds). The benzoyl peroxide wasn't bad, I only used a small pea sized amount because the directions said to ease into it. I found that the moisturizer took quite a bit of time to absorb into my skin. I used 2 pumps of it with 5 drops of the jojoba oil and it took about a full 2 minutes to see it sink in.

This is just the beginning and I cant wait to see what this product does for me. I have high hopes and I am planning on being patient. Sorry that this is so poorly written. Thanks for all who actually read this and i'll update tomorrow!

p.s. I'll try and post some pictures eventually of my before photos.


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