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One Year Later



I haven't posted in over a year. I feel guilty about it. I logged in to this website every day when I was suffering really badly with my acne and the second it cleared up I abandoned it completely. I'm not sure if anybody read my blog posts (there were only 8), but if you did, here's a potted version of what happened to my skin this past year:

At the beginning of January I visited a dermatologist, who prescribed me with Yasmin and minocycline. Within 8 weeks my skin was almost perfect. I had a few purple/red marks but they faded after a few months without me having to seek any treatment for them. Considering what a mess my face was in I consider myself very lucky!

After a while, I started getting constant yeast infections from the minocycline, so my derm switched me to Efracea, which contains doxycycline and is often used to reduce pimples and red bumps that are associated with rosacea. The yeast infections stopped almost immediately.

And there it was. I had almost entirely clear skin! I would experience the occasional pimple, or the odd spot under my skin on my cheeks, but by and large, the improvement in my skin was astonishing and I was incredibly happy with it. I feel lucky that I managed to enjoy a year of blemish-free skin.

The downside to this was that I was on birth control, which I hate. I hate being on birth control. I suffer from depression and I find it affects my mood substantially. It makes me feel lethargic, and bloated. My breasts grew a cup size (something I'm sure some women would be perfectly happy with but they're heavy and uncomfortable to me). My sex drive has almost entirely disappeared.

Although my dermatologist told me that a daily antibiotic wouldn't have an affect on my immune system, I've never been as sick as I have been this year. I've suffered from about 4 or 5 individual bacterial and viral infections, all of which required a course of antibiotics on top of the one I was already taking every day. I was bed ridden for weeks at a time.

A month ago my derm told me to come off the antibiotic (he thinks my acne is hormonal and that it probably wasn't doing anything for me anymore), stay on Yasmin and not to make a follow up appointment with him. A week ago every pore on my forehead clogged and erupted in a raised red pimple. It's the only symptom I have so far and I don't know if it's because I came off my antibiotic or if Yasmin has stopped working for me.

Either way, I've a hair appointment booked so I can get my comfort blanket fringe cut back in to hide the forehead acne, and I'll be monitoring the rest of my skin very closely.

I sincerely hope one day I won't be reliant on any medication (I hate it so much) but until then I think my vanity/mental wellbeing are going to win out.


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