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10 Weeks Of Differin Done.



Isn't it funny how I am never happy?!

I have now done 10 full weeks of Differin and for all intents and purposes I am the clearest I have ever been, consistently. If I am not acne free then I am only getting one small pimple at a time. And I am still technically 2 weeks away from the recommended treatment time for this topical so my results are breath taking and I am totally thankful for how smooth a ride Differin has been for me.

But my acne worry is transforming into a general skin worry the less acne I experience. I hate my PIH and my pitted scars and the fine lines I am getting at the ripe age of 23, due to all the harsh treatments I have been on in my young life. When I put my make up on I am a little happier, my complexion looks even and smooth. Then I catch myself in sunlight and can see the pitted scars that litter my higher cheekbones. Because of this I will never be TRULY confident, even though I am, for now, acne free. Acne is horrible enough to experience but it just adds insult to injury that we need to live with scarring after the acne has gone.

I am scared, nervous, excited for my derm appointment next month as I wont be going to try another product to clear my skin. I will be asking FINALLY how the flip do I get rid of my scars!! And more importantly, how much is it going to blood cost me!! I mean don't get me wrong I LOVE and am so thankful for the NHS, especially in Scotland where we don't even pay a penny for prescribed medicine, but one does get used to all the free stuff that paying for cosmetic work seems daunting!

In other news I finally registered with a new dentist after not going for a few years after a bad anesthesia incident, where in it didn't work but my old dentist carried on drilling and I nearly fainted from the pain lol. Got the appointment for the day before my 24th birthday on the 24th of this month, hopefully I get the great birthday news that I don't need any cavities filled :P

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Hi, I have similar notions about my skin. Even when it is clear, for me, I can still see the aftermath of what was there and I don't feel the appearance of my skin is as everyone else's is.

I have done a lot of research, and youtubing-ing. As I'm sure you have done, and I apologise if you've already heard of this or have tried it.

I'm becoming a massive fan of vitamin C. It encourages cell renewal, and essentially speeds up heeling and regrowth of new, fresh skin. Bodyshop has a whole host of products containing the vitamin and I've found the renewal serum to be really lovely. You will also find the vitamin in lots of anti-ageing products as it gives a youthful affect due to the renewal of the skin and essentially clearing out the old skin. So its not that common in 'acne' products, that I have found.

Also, I would have a browse around youtube at people demonstrating derma-rolling. This combined with Vitamin C could help out!

Hope this helps, sorry if not X

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