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1 month in, four or 5 more to go.

The biggest hassle of all this bullship is making the monthly appointment, getting bloodwork, waiting for lab results, having to answer questions on pledge to make sure i know how not to get pregnant, and get approved to pick up the meds from the pharmacy. I guess guys don't have to do all that, so lucking fugging you.

Anyway picked up my prescription today, doc has advised me to take two 30mg pills a day, meaning 60mg a day. I wonder how the side effects will change. I meant to buy eye drops the other day, I will get them tomorrow just in case it becomes a problem in the future. I like wearing my contacts more than my glasses. I apply some aquaphor in my nose at night bc its been feeling sorta dry - I REALLY don't want nose bleeds! Prevention > Treatment!

I'm still breaking out a bit, accidentally peeled a pimple I thought had heeled. My skin really isn't too dry - in fact it looks very oily all the time with all the moisturizer i use, plus i always sweat profusely under my makeup which I'm sure is terrible for me. No flakes, just some pimples that sorta heal dryer than normal, which may be due to the fact that i put a tiny drop of BP on them to make them go away, i think it helps.

dry lips. back pain. my finger tips started peeling the other day, gonna start putting more lotion on. for anybody reading this, thank you! I hope i'm helping someone else out.

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I have just started the tane yesterday and reading your blog is comforting and really helpful (I now know how to deal with lip blisters should that happen - thanks!)

Like you I am also terrified at the thought of nosebleeds in class, I have actually never had a nosebleed.. maybe that's why I am freaking out like a ridiculous person haha.

I look forward to hearing about the rest of your journey,

Kitty :)

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