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Hello Everyone! Welcome to my journey to clear acne naturally. I started this plan in July and have completely cleared up! I get occasional zits (1 or 2) every few weeks but its nothing compared to my usual 10-20 cyst like ones. Before we get into how I cleared it let me give you a little background on what has been going on...

The summer of 2015 I decided I was done with losing. I’ve been battling acne since 5th grade that just wouldn’t quit. I tried creams, face washes, antibiotics, and even considering going on Accutane. I was tried of having huge bumps and scars all over my face and having to cover up with pounds of makeup because I wasn’t confident enough to show people what I actually looked like. Depression also slowly crept in. I decided to do a bit more research before making the final judgement of taking this drug and risking side effects or trying something else. Proactiv worked maybe the first month or so for me but then just seemed to make my scars and dark spots more visible and irritated. And I still got crazy breakouts everywhere! I also had this really bad picking habit which made everything so much worse! This is when I decided to research any sort of home remedies and natural ways to clear it. And apparently there is a way to clear acne naturally which I didn’t know could be done. I found a bunch of crazy methods I would never ever think of. Like not using anything on your face! at all! Like what? and washing your face with honey? Making smoothies with lettuce in them?? This is so not me, how could I not use any products on my skin and eat all this stuff thats gross!!?? Is this even worth my effort, because it probably won’t work! At this point I was so beaten down by acne I lost all hope for it to get better. So I decided to give it a shot! And thank god I did!


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