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Day 25



These days are going by slow bruh

Remember those lip blisters I was dealing with? They're gone now. I bought some blistex medicated lip ointment for lip blisters and applied it every night for two nights (not during the day bc its visibly white colored). I also stopped popping the blisters with my fingers bc that made the problem 8000x worse. I popped a few with a pointy paperclip instead. And also rested a lot and stayed in that day, thank you based god for the weekend. I still apply the blistex every night for fear that they will come back :0

I still have to apply aquaphor every 30 minutes or so to my lips or else they start feeling really tight. I believe I started my "initial breakout" on day 22/23. I've developed a few more pimples than before but nothing unbearable. Just wearing makeup and looking forward to the next day, bc ill be one day closer to finishing accutane and having clear skin. The pimples come, I use some benzoyl peroxide (epiduo) as spot treatment (I'm talking tiny little dots on the tops of pimples), on my face for maybe 2-3 days and then they start going away. I'm also using cetaphil cream at night for my skin, it felt a little tighter than usual.

I started having back pain maybe a week into the pills, but when I drink a LOT of water, its not nearly as bad. so DRINK MORE WATER!!! No hair falling out (even if it did happen, I wouldn't notice bc I shed so much hair everyday anyway). I'm afraid of the random nosebleeds, don't want them to happen while I'm in class. That would be embarrassing. No sign of those yet -hopefully never!

That's all I have for you all. In case I never mentioned this I'm on 30mg.

Questions for users or post-users - Are you able to kiss on accutane? my lips are so dry i feel like it would be impossible/painful. not that i have a partner, anyway. I feel like sex might be sorta painful with the back pain too. I wonder if accutane effects lubrication of the vagina, since it seems to effect lubrication of the joints n stuff. haha Im so weird. I'm too ugly to have a partner anyway! toodles!


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