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Differin I Love You! Even With My Crusty Bp Chin



Sooooo tomorrow marks 9 full weeks done on Differin and I am still happy happy happy. Ok I still get pimples. But it's like ONE at a time and it goes away within a couple of days in a bad case scenario, mostly goes away same day! I think it has to do with it always being on my right cheek. I lean on that side and I sleep on that side. Must improve in that respect. I must not lean on my hand and I mst change my pillow case more often!!!! I also have a crusty BP chin just now and its grossss! Thought I was getting a pimple so I went too far and covered the area in BP now I just resemble a shedding snake lol. Drowning the area in rich moisturiser and hoping for the best to be honest haha.

My regimen has also stayed the same and it's so simple that I am PISSED I wasnt doing it for the last TWELVE years grrrrr.


Acne.org cleanser

Acne.org benzoyl peroxide (spot treat only)

Garnier moiture nourish rich moisturiser


Acne.org cleanser

Differin 0.1%

Olay sensitive fluid

Attached pics of me right now and my skins looking awesomeee. Wearing light makeup as I am dressed like a hobo on my fiance and I's 6th anniversary so felt I had to make some sort of effort :P also ignore my crusty nose, got such a bad cold hahaha! Lifes not fair!


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