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Skin Update



I only have one skin, so I am going to do my best to take care of it. Now that I have a job I do not have to worry so much about not being able to afford what I need to stay healthy. I will also be able to pay for a doctor's appointment and prescription drugs, even though I want to try the natural route to see if that changes anything. It has been like three days and I have not had one new cyst form. The small ones I had have developed, so I just need to see if my skin will stay clear. I am still using benzoyl peroxide with salicylic acid and it has been really helping with the condition of my face.

I read somewhere that kojic extract is good for hyperpigmentation, so I want to look further into it. If y'all have any recommendations or have used good products to deal with hyperpigmentation let me know. I should also mention that I just started using the glycolic acid from Acne.org and i'm going to keep combining it with my moisturizer in the night to help with the overall texture/tone of my skin. I hope this is enough to put my skin back on track, so to speak. I know I cannot be too abrasive to my skin, but I get so impatient, as I know most of you can understand.

Well, have an amazing Saturday!!! :)

This is a crazy thought, but I have even considered starting a youtube channel or just blogging more. I mean I have been going through a lot of changes in my life in all spheres including work, personal, and my lifestyle. I can honestly say that I am vegan. I am not 100%, since I don't check on the labels of products too often and I had been using honey as a face mask, but in terms of my diet I am vegan. It is funny because I changed my diet so I can feel better and improve the condition of my skin, but I am persisting on this diet, even when I get frustrated and feel like my skin will not get any better so what is the point of depriving myself from eating junk. But, the I remember the videos I saw online about the horrible conditions the animals are in and how they are brutally killed. And, then I think how can that even be a job? I mean, when you need a job you need a job, but I can't imagine myself doing that.

I am starting to realize that I love to rant....is that what I get for watching too many youtubers?


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