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Day One, Round Two



I'm new here, but I figured I might as well try to record this experience.

Background: When I was 19 I had severe cystic acne all over my face - so much so that it hurt to move my face. I went on a course of accutane for 5-6 months and I got about 5.5 years of clear skin as a result.

This winter, now 25, I started to get breakouts again but they were mild. Tiny tiny bumps that first appeared on my forehead and would not go away w. otc products.

I finally went to a derm and from January until now I've been through retinoid creams, various prescription product containing benzoyl peroxide etc. My forehead cleared up eventually, but then the tiny white heads migrated to the skin on either side of my nose, continuing in a straight line down the sides of my mouth and chin - and these have yet to clear.

My doc finally suggested a 2nd round of accutane.

Most people say that my skin doesn't look bad at all, but it is concerning to me that the breakouts aren't slowing or stopping and that about once a month I get a pimple that looks like the younger cousin of the cystic acne I had years ago. So I agreed to the second round of accutane.

This is day one. Since I've already been through this I have stocked up on moisturizers for every part of my face and body and have been using them daily the entire month I had to wait on all the iPledge business.

I will write about what happens next here. If anyone else has to go through this again, I want to at least provide some info on why round 2 a few years later is like.

The current dosage is 40mg once a day.


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