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The Decision To Start Accutane



Hi all,

I will be starting accutane in one month -- just signed the papers and did my first pregnancy test yesterday to get the ball rolling. This decision has been a long time coming and was not without intense consideration and deep thoughts.

Here is my history -- have always struggled with mild, yet persistent acne since my teens (mix of cysts, pustules, black heads). I went on course of accutane at 22 years old that cleared me up beautifully for 3 great years. In 2014, I stopped BC pills and thats when acne starting coming back. I was also diagnosed with PCOS in 2015 and decided to go back on pill (Beyaz -- which has caused severe initial break outs).

Present day -- I have been on Beyaz for 3 months and Spiro for coming up on 3 months. I believe the spiro has helped with the cystic type acne that Beyaz was causing but it has not stopped me from breaking out with usual spots. I have scars on my face from getting cysts injected and I constantly have at least 4-5 unsightly spots on my face.

So after trying to give the spiro time to do it's thing, patience is key with that, I just came to a breaking out. Sick and tired of being depressed over my acne and trying to treat it with temporary band aids. I went to the derm yesterday and said "lets do this, I am ready."

She seemed happy that I came to this decision. Again, my acne is not absolutely horrible but it is EXTREMELY persistent and it has really taken over my life. I am going to stay on the spiro until I start the accutane on October 1st. I will be doing a 5 month course (recommended) and should be done by March.

I actually feel like a sense of relief that I know an end is near, however, I am not naive to the intense side effects that will come. (especially the dry skin and chapped lips -- the first time I took accutane I remember that being the worst)

My derm said I can take the spiro for a month into my accutane treatment to hopefully keep cysts at bay. Has anyone done that?

Here's to hoping for change & clarity. I pray that I have the strength and patience to get through the next 6 months.


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