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Week 4 Differin (2)



I'm seriously not happy.

It's acrually me I'm so unhappy with. I seem to be in this constant cycle of look in a magnifying mirror and squeeze the HELL outta my pores until SOMETHING comes out. Then what this does is creates more anxiety and deep frustration and worst of all pink blotches all over my face AND raised bumps!!!

I never fucking learn.

So I last used Differin last Friday and then once again last night (Tuesday evening) I took this short 3 day break because my skin was soooo dry and scaly like an alagator or a snake of you know what I mean. I'm going to use it again tomorrow evening which will be the start of week 5 for me.

I wanted to ask though - am I cutting myself short by only applying Differin every second evening...I mean, is my "week 5" really just "week 3" if you know what I mean?

Also does anyone have reviews in Aveeno products? I bought a moisturiser to use..It has she butter in it.


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