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Started Week 23 On A Topical Retinoid-- Only 2 Weeks From 6 Months!



If you read my last blog post, the past week has been a ROUGH one.

Seriously-- I was incredibly down about my skin and for a few days, I didn't even leave my apartment. Trust me when I say that it was THAT bad.

I had messed with and pushed/ picked at my skin while using a topical retinoid and literally layers of my skin on my right cheek peeled off. Disgusting--and so bad for my skin. After days of treating my skin more gently, eating healthy, and moisturizing like crazy, my skin is nearly mended. I only have one tiny red mark on my chin and one small pink one that's easily covered with a dot of concealer on my right cheek. I have one clogged pore on my chin, but when I use the topical retinoid tonight, I think it will purge naturally tomorrow or Sunday.

On Wednesday of this week I began Week 23. That means that as of next Wednesday I will be just 1 week away from the 6 month mark. WOW.

This regimen has been great at getting years-worth of clogged pores purged from my skin, but I honestly have to say that it's been one of the hardest things I've ever done.

This weekend and week my goal is to keep eating healthy, work out more, treat my skin VERY gently, and be patient. I'm praying that I can remember that this regimen takes time and that often, I'm the one making my skin look red/ irritated when I mess with it. I'm going to tell myself out loud "hands off" when I catch myself wanting to push pores out/pick at my skin. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers this week :)

If anyone else is on a topical retinoid, I'd love to hear how you're doing or how it worked for you!


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