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Trying Again



8/26/2015: Day ONE

I haven't been on in awhile, and since my last sign on I have run the gamut of 500 different attempts at curing my acne.

Stopped eating: sugar, gluten, dairy and all processed foods.

New pillowcases every single night.

all natural face washes/creams/cleansers.. and don't even get me started on the uselessness of the OCM.

I went through another 5 medication combinations, and 6 weeks ago started a little "test" before I went to a new dermatologist.

I coincidentally got sick, and the doc prescribed 100mg Doxycycline twice a day for 2 weeks

I started using a 10% sulFUR (not sulFA) soap- all natural

and mixed together my Special Blend- 2.5% retinol, 1% clindamycin, and OTC Acnevir (Resourcinol 2x, Salicylic Acid 3x, Sulfur 1x) to spread on morning and night.

I then put Neutrogena Clear Skin makeup on as a protective layer for the makeup I use that actually COVERS my acne, and then did my makeup as usual.

After 3 weeks, I saw 80% improvement with my skin. I thought about cancelling the appt, but knew that the moment I did my face would punish me with a terrible cystic breakout. So I went anyway.

We reviewed that I can't take BC, Spiro, or Accutane, and the regimen I have been using the past few weeks, and decided to kick it up a notch with Minocycline 100mg twice a day, My Special Blend in the AM, Ziana in the PM and continue the Sulfur soap.

The soap is SUPER cheap ($2 a bar online), and has seriously been a MIRACLE compared to every other wash I have ever used. The Ziana is a prescription strength of my Special Blend, so I'm hoping it will knock out the last 20% of my 4 year long battle with acne. We went with Mino becuase the Acne I have remaining is inflammatory (The Sulfur knocked out my cystic acne in less than a week).

8/28/2015: Day THREE

It's only been a few days, but there have been some improvements/changes...

My skin is SUPER soft, it has been more oily, but I cut up some toilet seat covers into small squares and I blot throughout the day.

I was brewing a cyst right on the apple of my cheek that by last night was so inflamed I could see it in my peripheral vision, so I iced it last night and put a dot of Tazorac over it after washing and applying the Ziana. This morning the "cyst" revealed itself to be 5, count 'em 5, pores that came to head AT ONCE, and were easily drained! Never have I ever had a cyst clear out like that ever! I drained it, iced it, and put on some concealer, and I hope it will peel and heal up quickly.

The two big pustules I had on the left side have dried up and died, now just big purple marks. Every other square inch of my face is smooth, and soft, just still covered in red/purple acne scars that I hope and pray will fade with time.

I changed the moisturizer I was using, becuase the Ziana makes me so oily my makeup was literally sliding off my face yesterday. I got Clean and Clear Shine Control with SPF 30, and today has been much better!

It seems there is another little cyst coming up on the right, that I will Taze tonight, and hopefully kill before it gets off the ground.

That's the update for now, pretty impressed for only 3 days of treatment!

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Day 19:

No drastic changes/improvements. Still have a bunch of post-acne marks (which is expected), but no active acne, and no brewing spots, which is awesome.

As before, if I couldn't see the purple marks, I would consider myself 95% clear, because my cheeks are so soft and smooth.

They still look like acne riddled mess, so I'm still using full-coverage make-up, and still battling to keep makeup in place in triple-digit heat... but, I know that in the next few months those will fade.

I got the Obagi skin corrector, and it smells really bad.. like burning chemicals, but is the highest rated mark reducer anywhere, so I'm going to try it out. I put it on in the morning with my sunscreen, and in the evenings after the Ziana. No changes yet, but it's only been a couple of weeks.

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