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New Start



Okay, so I am very impatient when it comes to clearing my skin. Especially now, since I was clear for almost five years with only minor issues such as oiliness and clogged pores. I am trying a new regimen for my skin and I can say that the salcylic acid has made dramatic improvements on the clarity of my skin. My skin looks less blotchy overall, but I still get painful cysts.

I have cut out all dairy for about a month, yet I still had some muffins (which I am pretty sure it had some form of dairy.) I am trying to commit myself to a vegan diet in order to eliminate any potential food allergies that may contribute to my acne. (I will post on my diet on a different post.) This type of acne is not normal. Once one zit heals and goes down another one pops up. I have not experienced this since high school, so I know that there is something going on with my hormones or it could be lack of exercise, stress, and/or not eating the right food. If I could battle this naturally, then I wouldn't mind restricting myself from consuming junk food, gluten, and animal products. I am going to really commit to this new diet for another month in order to really see if it makes a difference.

I know that diet is only part of the equation, so I am trying to keep myself calm and enjoy the little things in life. I just started working on recipes to post on my food blog, which are mainly vegetarian/vegan, yet it really is about eating tasty, healthy food.

Here is the link to anyone that is interested.

http://goodbaking.weebly.com. (it is work in progress.)

I am a healthy food nut, and I can't shake the feeling that eating carelessly and stuffing my face with bread did not help my situation, both in terms of my skin and overall health. I remember thinking, it's fine if I stuff myself because I need to carb up in order to run in the evening or early morning; yet I did not always go out for runs. Anyway, I know I need to go out for runs, but my skin feels too sensitive to be out in the sun. Still, I know how important exercising is so I need to work something out.

New regimen:


1) Cleanse with Cerave foaming cleanser for normal/oily skin (I might just switch back to cetaphil when I run out)

2) Tone with apple cider/water/tea tree oil

3) Apply Paula's Choice 2% salicylic acid liquid

4) Apply Dan's BP all over face

5) Moisturizer with Dan's moisturizer or Olay sunscreen for sensitive skin


Same steps all the way to 4

5) Apply Renee Roulea's anti-cyst treatment to inflamed zits.

6) Moisturize with Dan's moisturizer

Exercise: 3 times a day (jump-rope, dance, yoga, push-ups, jumping jacks, and walking the dog.)


- I noticed that the salicylic acid really helps with the overall texture of my skin, because when I stopped using it my skin didn't feel and look as great. Again, I still get zits, yet I feel like my skin can breathe, if that makes any sense.

Why the changes?

1) The Argan oil made my skin look too shiny, even though I applied it in the night I thought that it was not worth it.

2) I have not used any masks or scrubs for the past week because I do not want to cause further damage to my skin by over exfoliating it. I think the salicylic acid should be just enough, since I am using it twice a day.

3) I stopped taking the zinc and fish oil, because I got tired of it and taking them made me feel weird. I do not know if it is because I am not used to taking multivitamins or anything of that nature, and I should first see if changing my diet is all I need to do. I may continue to take the zinc and fish oil, but maybe once in a while. I think if I eat enough of the food my body needs, then why should I have to supplement.


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