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I have been fighting acne for over more than 10 years. Pretty much since my hormones went wild at my pr-teen years. As a youngster, my face always seemed pretty decent with only a few blemishes here and there. However, there always seemed to be at least one or two wondering around my face. It wasn't until my college years when I realize my ance issues were no longer a "teenager thing." I realized that my skin type was combination and acne prone. At the age of 22-26, my acne gave a whole turn to the point where I had big cystic pimples all around my cheeks, temples, and some around my mouth. I tried every single thing you can think of. But instead I only made my acne worsen. Leaving me with low self esteem, depression, and self consciousness.

I never saw a dermatologist because I knew that that would automatically expose me to harsh topical creams like, high percentage BP, or worst yet, Accutane. But in hopes of finally exposing my self to a real cure and a professional, I was willing to seek for a dermatologist. But never did i imagine I would came across with my REAL skin salvation. And as a matter of fact, that is the name of the holistic Acne clinic that saved my skin.

SkinSalvation guaranteed me clear skin in 3-6 months. I can tell you that in less than 2 months I saw a dramatic change. But today, after being a consistent client of almost 8 months, I have learned many of the causes of my acne. I also learned that I am a genetically acne prone individual, and it is up to me to keep my acne under control. My acne however left me with unwanted pitted scars. Which they may not seem as bad in the eyes of others, but aren't we our worst critics?

Today I am still a client of Skin Salvation. I follow them on their social media, and read their blogs religiously. They are the most caring people I could ever come across with. Their acne clinic may not offer harsh treatments such as microdermabrasions or fraxel lasers, but they sure are there to provide you with less harsh chemical peels, needed extrations, or even a free "POP a zit."

I am also using a dermaroller from banish acne scars. But I can't tell if my scars have improved much. I eventually want something deeper? But at the same time I have seen, read, and may be a little scare of any effects anything more harsh like lasers or injections could leave my face looking like. I also use most products recommended by my acne clinic and I am on some vitamin A 2 serum.

In the mean time and without further a due, here is what helped clear my skin/keep my acne under control. I hope this helps anyone who reads this, and just know that YOU are not alone.


DIET: Being in an acne safe diet means cutting certain foods from your every day diet. Give it a period of 35 days to up to 3 months to see this truly works for you. But trust me, give it a real fair shot!

NO: Dairy, Coffee (yes coffee!!), gluten, sugary drinks, alcohol, sugar (cut it out), seaweed, turkey, shrimp, and SOY (yes even soy milk, so no more soy lattes please. Make your self a favor and get more involved into cooking rather than eating out. Restaurants tend to use a ton of cheap oils (hydrogenated oils) that can cause us to break out. Also, stop going to starbucks. Please? Check out the SkinSalvation blog for acne safe recipes and more. Follow on pinterest!

So WTH do I eat then?

YES: Almond milk (recommend whole foods brand), coconut milk okay, cashew milk okay, rice milk, hemp. Definitely no soy milk. Caffeinated teas are okay if you feel that you need the jitters. Black tea is my fave. I add vanilla almond milk to sweeten. Any other tea is just fine. Drink some! Green tea maybe? Brown rice, quinoa, corn tortillas, gluten free food? Just be careful as some processed foods labeled as GF can have lots of starchy ingredients in them. Having your gut digest them as simple carbs or sugar! Ah! There are tons of goodies you can eat. Just be an acne safe savy. Be smart, and DRINK WATER!! Better yet, lemon water ; )

Supplements: Check out anti- inflammatory supplements like Zinc, (recommend 50mg a day) or tumeric supplement. One of my favorites is Zyflammend. Thee bomb to help my inflammation. Also have a nice probiotic supplement. I take, Kyo Dophilus with enzymes (more for people who eat meat). Last but not least this is the supplement that I swear by in the clearing of my skin. Fish Oil. Don't just take any cheap one. Do your research and invest in a good brand. I recommend Blue Royal Cod liver fish oil. Here is the link to buy: https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#tbm=shop&q=blue+royal+cod+liver+fish+oil&spd=11198235195056519898

PRODUCTS: Anything that touches your face such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions, sunscreens, and of course MAKE-UP, are definitely something to be aware of. Stay away from sulfates and oil free products. Even coconut oil!! To some people it can be a miracle antibacterial for skin, but because you want to be aware you want to say away from it from now. It can be cloggy for your skin for sure!

What other ingredients should I avoid then?

Here is a stay away/watch out for these ingredients list:

Comedogenic Ingredients

Acetylated Lanolin 5 Coconut Butter 8 Glyceryl Stearate SE 1 Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol 5 Coconut Oil 8 Glyceryl Stearate 15 Ahnfeltia concinna 11 Colloidal Sulfur 6 Glyceryl-3-Diisostearate 1 Alaria esculenta 11 Corallina Officinalis 11 Grapeseed Oil 14 Algae Extract 11 Corn Oil 15 Haslea ostrearia 11 Algin 6 Cotton Awws 8 Hexadecyl Alcohol 1 Ascophyllum nodosum 11 Cotton Seed Oil 8 Hexylene Glycol 14 Avocado Oil 15 Crithmum maritimum 11 Himanthalia elongate 11 Black Kelp 11 D & C Red # 3 10 Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil 8 Bladderwrack 11 D & C Red # 17 10 Hydrolyzed Lola implexa 11 Blue Algae 11 D & C Red # 21 10 Hydrolyzed Rhodophycea 11 Blue Green Algae 11 D & C Red # 30 10 Hypnea Musciformis 11 Brown Algae 11 D & C Red # 36 10 Irish Moss 11 Butyl Stearate 4 Decyl Oleate 4 Isocetyl Alcohol 1 Carrageen moss 11 Dilsea carnosa 11 Isocetyl Stearate 1 Carrageenan 11 Dioctyl Succinate 4 Isodecyl Oleate 4 Carageenan moss 11 Disodium Monooleamido PEG 2-Sulfosuccinate 1 Isopropyl Isosterate 4 Cetyl Acetate 1 Dulse 11 Isopropyl Linolate 4 Cetearyl Alcohol + Ceteareth 20 (only when both are within the same product) 1 Ecklonia (all 9 species of it) 11 Isopropyl Linoleate 14 Chlorella Botanicals 11 Enteromorpha compressa 11 Isopropyl Myristate 4 Chondrus crispus 11 Ethoxylated Lanolin 5 Isopropyl Palmitate 4 Coal Tar 14 Ethylhexyl Palmitate 4 Isostearic Acid 14 Cocoa Butter 8 Fucus vesiculosus 11 Isostearyl Isostearate 4 Isostearyl Neopentanoate 4 Octyl Stearate 1 Sargassum 11 Kelp 11 Octyldodecanol 14 Seaweed 11 Knotted Kelp 11 Oleic Acid 14 Sea Whip 11 Laminaria digitata 11 Oleth-3 1 Sesame Oil 14 Laminaria longicruris 11 Oleyl Alcohol 14 Shark Liver Oil 9 Laminaria saccharine 11 Olive Oil 14 * Sodium Laureth Sulfate 3 Lanolic Acid 14 Padina pavonica 11 Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 3 Lanolin 15 Palmaria palmate 11 Solulan 16 5 Lanolin Alcohol 15 Peanut Oil 14 Sorbitan Oleate 12 Laureth-4 1 PEG 16 Lanolin 5 Soybean Oil 8 Laureth-23 1 PEG 200 Dilaurate 1 Spirulina 11 Lauric Acid 4 PEG 8 Stearate 1 Squalene 14 Lauryl Alcohol 15 Petrolatum 9 Steareth 10 1 Linseed Oil 14 Petroleum 9 Stearic Acid TEA 7 Lithothamnium Calcareum 11 PG Monostearate 1 Stearyl Heptanoate 4 Lola implexa 11 Phytessence Wakame 11 Sulfated Castor Oil 8 Marine Algae 11 Plankton 11 Sulfated Jojoba Oil 13 Mastocarpus stellatus 11 Porphyra 11 Sunflower Oil 15 Mineral Oil 15 Porphyridium Cruentum 11 Syearyl Heptanoate 4 Mink Oil 8 PPG 2 Myristyl Propionate 4 Tocopherol 14* Myreth 3 Myristate 14 Polyglyceryl-3-Diisostearate 1 Ulva lactuca 11 Myristic Acid 4 Potassium Chloride 6 Undaria 11 Myristyl Lactate 4 Propylene Glycol Monostearate1 Wakame 11 Myristyl Myristate 4 Red Algae 11 Wheat Germ Glyceride 1 Nori 11 Rockweed 11 Wheat Germ Oil 8 Norwegian Kelp 11 Safflower Oil 15 Xylene 7 Octyl Palmitate 7

The Regimen: Keep it simple, not harsh. You only need a simple cleanser along a few more steps as part of your regimen. The cleanser depends on your type of skin. Oily Skin: Charcoal cleanser (I use the skin salvation cleanser), or a mild tea tree oil cleanser.You can find one at your local organics store. Make sure to carry your list of ingredients. Check out Juice Beauty's acne skin cleanser! Dry Skin: Green tea cleanser (I use the skin salvation when dry), or aloe vera cleanser. After your cleanser you want to ICE your skin. ICE, ICE, BABY! Ice in the am after you wash your face, and ice at night. I do at least 5 mts in the morning if rushing, and do at least 10 at night if too tired. Normally i do 20 minutes. Feel free to go longer! After icing follow with your toner. The one many people love and trust is pure witch hazel. I tone with mandelic acid by skin salvation. Last thing to do is moisturize with a gel. Find a natual aloe vera gel! I use a moisturizing gel from sS. Then you can spot treat with BP 2.5% I use mine from acne.org YAY! :dan: If your skin is too dry, check out natural rose water sprays to give it a nice spray. Don't forget to use an SPF during the day. Very vey important. All my moisturizers and SPF's are of course from skin salvation acne clinic. You can shop at their online store. Feel free to do your research and find ONLY acne safe products to try out.

Acne Safe Make up: Sometimes acne safe make up or "clean make up" is not about the brand but the ingredients of the products. Here are some of my all time, HOLY GRAIL, acne safe make up products. Tarte BB cream, (clear tube with wooden cap), Alima pure satin matte mineral foundation powder, Alima pure blushes, I love the shade Apricot, Alima pure shadows, and bronzers, 100 % pure foundation powder. You can certainly find one that fits your skin type and works for you.

Stress Free: In order for all your hard work to finally begin to work, you must do your best to stay stress free. I know, work can be stressful, but stress it self doesn't cause your acne, it can only aggravate it. Go for a run, play a sport, do some yoga! Be grateful, be happy! :surprised: I don't know, read a book? How about "Don't sweat the small stuff" by Richard Carlson.

Social Media: Follow on Instagram @Acnetips @veganacnesuffers @skinsalvationacneclinic @honeygreen__tea

Check out the Skin Salvation online store or if you are from the bay area feel free to give them a visit. They are located in San Francisco, CA.


**Disclaimer: I do not work, or are paid by this small local clinic. I am just a client of them who has nothing but love for them**

Hope this list of things that helped me clear my skin and keep my acne under control can help YOU. Good LUCK!

You can do it! :hifive:

With love and support,

Z.B. :wub:


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