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Hiding And Slowly Healing



So I royally messed up my face the other day. I messed with 2 clogged pores on the right side of my face and made what wouldn't have been a bit deal at all, a total mess.

My skin got irritated and then ripped and peeled. UGH. It was terrible.

Slowly, my skin on my right cheek is healing, and I also have a red mark on my left cheek from a clogged pore there. My skin is really, really sensitive still, which I forgot.

I'm applying moisturizer like crazy, but for the past 2 nights I have NOT applied RetinA. I want my skin to heal almost entirely before I add that back into my regimen.

I need to go to the grocery store tomorrow, but I'm dreading putting on a ton of concealer just to feel okay going out in public :(

I really, really, really hate this.

Once my skin heals and is normal-looking, I'm NOT going to squeeze/press/pick at it.


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