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Week 5 - Progress!



While my skin doesn't look like it's getting all that better, I can feel it noticeably smoother!

I've got only about 8 small active pimples on my face (excluding all the subsurface bumps on my neck. They just won't go away) and a few that are healing and thus a little crusty. Still lots of hyperpigmentation and scarring, but overall I think we're heading in a good direction!

This Wednesday I've got my appt so we'll see if there's anything that we should start changing up. I was supposed to be taking Ery-Tab twice a day, but I noticed it was messing up my stomach. I was getting bad pains and was going to the bathroom a lot... so I stopped taking that second one in evening one for a bit, and then I just forgot to start it up again. What usually happens is I don't remember until after I've had dinner, and since I'm supposed to take it on an empty stomach, I have to wait about 2-4 hours for my meal to digest, so by that time I've usually already forgotten about it. I guess I'll start setting an alarm.


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And thats usually the dilema with us girls. I gave up makeup a long time ago and it sucks showing my pimply face but it makes it easier to judge if a regimen is working. Maybe you can commit to going one month without cover up?

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I have a feeling your comment was meant for my latest post aha. Well honestly I don't think I've got the confidence for it, especially with me back in school :/ However before I started using this new foundation that I think/thought was breaking me out (Revlon colorstay), I'd been using a very lightweight one that didn't mess with my skin at all. I started using it again a few days ago after giving up the Revlon foundation and my skin seems to already be recovering

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