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Day 1



Hi all! I'm Tracy!! I wanted to document my journey towards clearer skin

Back in early July I started to break out really bad. I'm a 42 year old woman and I've had acne since I was 13. My dermatologist put me on a liquid form of Retin-A and a cream that had to be refrigerated...for the life of me I can't remember the name of it

So anyway back in early July I started breaking out. I had heard that 100% tea tree oil works wonders so I bought it. It really worked. But then it didn't work. I had went out and bought the Body Shop's tea tree skin care line...the lotion, the facial scrub, the spot treatment, the toner. You name it I bought it. It made my skin ten times worse. I never in my life had these little tiny bubble like under the skin pimples all along my jaw line and hairline and cheeks. I could feel them when washing my face and they felt like I could take my nail and scrape them off. I tried and they didn't pop or go away. I tried this UV light thing at Walmart. It lasts for 30 days at 15 min per day you wear it. That didn't work. (it did work a year ago though) I guess your skin changes all the time.

I use Dove unscented soap and Clean and Clear scrub. I use a moisturizer from Mario Badescu with spf 17 and their cucumber toner. I was also using Clean and Clear pimple cream and they also had spot treatment I used at night.

I was also getting cystic acne which I never got in my life.

I broke down and went to see my dermatologist. He said it was adult acne (duh) and hormones. He gave me tons of samples because I don't have insurance. He gave me Solodyn which is a time released antibiotic. He also gave me Tazorac cream which I find to be very harsh and a script for Spiro 100mg which I've used before with great results it just makes me pee all the time.

I originally got on this site because I wanted to know if anyone on here uses e-cigarettes and noticed a change in their skin. My husband is convinced that the e-cigarettes are causing my acne. I did do some research and did find that some people said it did cause them to break out when they've never suffered from acne before. I have cut down significantly.

In the two weeks that I've been on all these medications I notice some difference. I still wake up on a daily basis to find a new zit forming. It's like one goes away and another pops up.

I work in an office and my face is the first thing people see. If I can't stand to look at myself how can other people? Acne is a curse and makes me feel so insecure and ugly.

I've been looking around here at the different forums and had come across Niacin and Zinc mentioned. So tonight will be the beginning of an experiment. I bought flush free Niacin 500mg and Zinc 50 mg which I will start taking tonight and document my progress. I did note that these vitamins have no interaction with the Spiro so I'm pumped about that. It's frustrating because some articles say Niacin causes more acne and for some it's a miracle cure. So, we shall see. I will post pics of what my face looks like now. I've got quite a few doozies on my right side of my face so you'll be able to see.


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