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I decided to document my 6 months journey on Oratane (isotretinoin) and I just this website so I decided it'll be done here! I'm 21 years old and I had acne ever since I reached puberty so it's like since ever!

Honestly my acne was never so bad. I had the normal few on my face, but it was when I was in the 8th grade when I had a horrible breakout on my arms, they were tiny pimples and there was at least a couple hundred of them on each arm, they were so small and harmless I thought they'd go away with better cleansers and hygiene. Few days later my skin was irritated and they grew in size, but they were easily wiped of, but they left scars here and there, it wasn't much and I was thankful it wasn't my face that got so many pimples.

A year later or so, I noticed some pimples growing on my back, those were larger and more painful, but I let them be, I only washed them gently since I was afraid to pop them. They kept appearing on my back, and still I was thankful it wasn't my face. I have no idea when I decided to reach and pop them, but I regret it already. the upper part of my back is horribly scared. The scars aren't deep, but they're light brow dots all over my skin. I always bought some creams and stuff to help them fade.

I kept noticing that my acne suddenly acts up and deiced to invade my back and arms to the point where it covers it all, they were still not so larger or swollen, they were small and under the skin for like 3 days before they surface, and it took like another week before they were gone, only to come back again. The cycle went on and on throughout the years.

Nothing helped, no cream, no diet, no medicine. They kept coming back.

A month ago, acne appeared on both of my cheeks, and I wasn't worried since it wasn't something I never experienced before. Only to notice that this time they spent more time under my skin, forming small red bumps on my cheek and soon reaching my jaw then crawling to my neck.

This time it was different. They really hurt and were hard and it took them a weak to appear with a white head, and I hated them so much and popped couple of them, and then noticed that they kipping filling up! over night! that had never happened before! At the same time they appeared on my back and arms again and suddenly they were on my chest too! I was super busy at the time and didn't head to a doctor.

Now my face, arms, and back are all the same. They all are filled with brownish reddish scars, and I'm terrified of another breakout, even though at the moment, there are barely any new pimples on my face! but I know they'll comeback again and so I decided to head to a doctor.

He took a glimpse at my face, neck, arms and my back and he immediately suggested Oratane. I had already heard of it, read a lot about it and was scared to take it. I headed back home and considered it. I'm sick of it all. My scared back and arms and now my face is a mess, I was a bit okay with my scarred back that I had hid for a ling time now, but I'm not okay at all with my face being like this! Right now I'm on summer holidays and did I even step out of my house? No. Did I see my friends? No. Did I even see the beach? No. I spent summer in my room in front of my laptop, sulking over my horrible disgusting skin.

I wanted to take it and I wanted to improve. There's a 90% that acne will never bother me again, that's what my doctor said and I'm taking that chance. I'm ready for the dry lips, dry skin, moodiness and all. Nothing I haven't been through already.

Anyways! It's now DAY 2 of Oratane! I'm on 40mg which is two capsules of 20mg a day and so far all is good! I didn't notice any dryness of the lips, because my lips are mostly always dry! My face seems quite normal, couple of pimples are lurking under the skin of my jaw, they're pretty small and not reddish or anything, but they're there.

I'm wondering if there be a breakout soon though. Most people experience a breakout in the first month on Oratane and I'm a bit scared of that! I also don't think my skin will dry out greatly like other people, just a hunch though! But I fear the sensitivity since it's too hot here, and the water is too hot when I bath so if I got super sensitive skin soon, I'm in deep trouble! Another thing that I'm worried is hair thinning! I can not imagine going through that! the only thing I like about myself if my long thick hair and I'm so scared to lose that while I get rid of acne ><

Okay so basically:

Week 1 day 2

Side effects: none till now

Products I'm using: nothing new. My usual chapstick and not the QV 30 SPF one I bought since it's not that necessary yet. I'm still washing my face with my Sulfur soap bar, although I feel that I won't be able to use it soon which is sad since I quite like it lessening the oily texture of my skin for longer whiles.

Precautions: Water! loads of water! I usually forget to drink water throughout the day for some reason and so I want to be better dehydrated while I'm on Oratane.

and that's all! I think I'll be writing another post by the end of the week since I'm guessing something might changed by then! Hopefully someone will benefit from this!


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