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Keeping On Keeping On



Hi everyone. It's been a while since I posted as I've been trying to take a step back and reevaluate my situation. I'm working more on the emotional side of having acne and of course not treating my acne. I've been dealing with it better but my acne is not improving and I'm in fact experiencing a flare right in time for my vacation to Europe. It's a bit embarrassing since I have five inflamed bumps on my lip line and a few pustules on both sides of my mouth/cheek. Eek! Not attractive at all but what do you do. I was prescribed antibiotics but I'm not going to take them. I have also decided to not take spiro as I am uncomfortable with doing anything hormonal. Right now I am battling a pretty crappy cold and my period is coming up so this could be causing the current flare. I have a derm appt the first week of September and I'm thinking about trying the low dose thing again as my face is way too sensitive for topicals. I definitely don't think it's the answer though...........


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I think you should decide on a new course of action and really stick to it. Changing things really often is just as bad as not doing anything, sometimes worse. Good luck and I hope your derm has some good advice!

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Hey Sasch. Sorry your feeling this way! Europe will be so good - where about in Europe are you travelling to?

I bet no matter how bad you feel about your breakout is that you are still truly stunning inside and out. I definitely believe the fact your period is coming up that that is the cause of you breakout. I understand your reservation about the Spiro but it may be the answer. I agree about not taking the antibiotics I swear they made my skin worse last month! What about Retin-A I know you did not have luck with Differin but maybe another retinoid might help?

Keep you chin HIGH and I mean high cause the world deserves to meet such a lovely person. Let me know how the derm appointment goes xx

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Thanks Hope and Stace! I went to Italy and it was hands down the best vacation ever!!!!! My skin was broken out at the start and at the end of the vacation but i still managed to have a blast!

Skin wise, i agree with you Hope about not switching it up which is why I took the plunge and startd 50mg of spiro two weeks ago. Acne has definitely worsened, with an explosion of putsules - my right side worse than my left. I'm going to the derm to check that this is normal and not some sort of folliculitis. I may even ask for AB (which you all know i'm against). I was thinking about doing a log but after the negativity i received the last time, i decided to forego one, at least on this website (i started one on realself.com).

I guess all i can do is sit tight and weight. This has really taken a toll on me emotionally and i pray that i can go back to some sense of normalacy someday.

Thanks Ladies- You're the best!

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