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Stress Has A Huge Impact



So i've decided to stop caring so much about what i eat because it's constantly making me stressed out. I can tell because my eye always twitches when i get stressed lol. When i had clear skin i used to eat whatever i wanted, sugar, dairy, bread, you name it. And i was happy. All this stress about food isnt good. I'm sick of reading labels and turning down meals and good foods that i used to love. I've eaten healthy and my skin still broke out so who even knows if certain foods have an effect on my skin or not. I'm just going to eat good healthy foods and drink lots of water like i have been doing, instead im not going to stress out about the small things like a slice of cheese on a sandwich or some cookies. I still want to be healthy just not stressed out! So right now my skin is actually pretty good, considering two days ago i wouldnt come out of my room because it broke out pretty bad again... My forehead and cheeks mostly. I switched products on friday to non comedogenic ones. The st ives oatmeal scrub and st ives timeless skin moisturizer. So far so good, i haven't really noticed any adverse reactions or major breakouts, i think it was just my skin breaking out from my regimen before and adjusting to a new one. i also started using the scarzone Acne cream again on just my cheeks and it has worked wonders so far! I already ordered a new one on amazon. It has 2% SA and green tea and i must say it really makes a difference. At night i put a pea sized amound on each cheek and in the morning the skin there is much smoother and even. I stopped using this for a while because i was with the whole "all natural" thing. I'm gonna go back to using this nightly to clear up the red marks from breakouts. I realized i should keep using this because when i had clear skin i was using this every night! Another thing i added just last night was a dab of neutragena rapid clear stubborn acne spot gel to my moisturizer and just put it on my forehead and nose, not on my cheeks where i put the scarzone cream. (why must my skin be so complicated?) Anyways, this morning my forehead looks less broken out and the pimples seem to be coming to a head. I'm going to keep doing this for a few days to see if the leftover pimples clear up and then hopefully i can just go to sleep with only moisturizer on. Also, i just started taking vitamin E capsules along with vitamin C. I hope that helps as well.


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