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6 Weeks Of Differin Done.



I seriously can't believe I ever was scared to try Differin...

It's working so well for me and for the first time since I was on accutane I have had a week with ZERO acne. Long may it continue. No comedones. No bumps. No papules. Only some redness after cleansing but it only lasts for 5 minutes. I have no idea if this is normal because I have had permo red tomato face from acne for so long. Honestly, right now, this is working better for me than accutane ever did. I let my diet slip 2 weeks ago and had ice cream and pizza twice and have had no ill effect. My period has been and gone with no ill effect. So I am left wondering, what the HELL does cause me to get acne? Surely it can't all be genetics?! My scars are finally starting to make small improvements but I know that it will take months, even years for DRASTIC results and I am ok with that because, as I say, I can start to see small changes.

My regimen is still the same. Dan's regimen. But instead of the BP at night I use Differin.

Attached some pics of my face literally RIGHT NOW. It's a little red but I have just cleansed so!


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