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Face Update



Today is Saturday and I should be outside enjoying the summer heat or going out with a friend, but I much rather rant on how sensitive and dry my skin is getting.

So, I have been on the acne.org bp for a long time and it worked. I stopped using it as consistent, added stress stress into the mixture and I got inflamed acne lesions once again. It took over 3 weeks for all of it to heal and my skin is still not perfect (especially now with all the scarring.) The only change I have made was that I added salicylic acid and I want to say that it has helped me, but it might had only made my skin more sensitive and at times irritating. I know I am using too many products, but I am afraid of cutting them out too early and letting my skin go cray-cray.

I have also cut out dairy and meat products, so I am basically living a vegan lifestyle. I feel great! I am supplementing with fish oil every other day, 1/2 of a b-complex tablet everyday, and 1 zinc tablet. I drink a lot of water and take my time when making my food (mostly veggies of course.) I try to only moisturize with argan oil, yet it leaves my skin visibly oily and I do not want to leave the house like that. It even affects how my make-up looks. I read good things about it and I wanted to try it, so far it hasn't made me breakout, yet I still get small comedones in between my temple and cheekbone area and I wonder why....

I am going to just use the salicylic acid once a day now, to see if my skin feels less irritated. I really just want to do an all natural approach, but I know that when it comes to acne prevention is key, otherwise I will just keep scarring.

If anyone knows of any good natural products please let me know. :)


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