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Update/ Small Rant



i've been keeping up with all of those changes i mentioned in my first post and my skin still looks really good! Although i did breakout in a few small pimples here and there, they dried up and are fading within a day.... I also noticed that red marks from bigger pimples i had a few weeks ago on my cheek are fading exceptionally fast and are almost gone. Before i started all these changes, a big pimple would've left a mark for MONTHS. I think that has something to do with the vitamin c supplements i've been taking for a little over 2 weeks. It increases collagen production and fights inflammation which really helps take away the redness of the acne breakouts which is really helpful to me. I just started upping my dosage from 500 mg daily to 1000 mg. Hopefully when i'm confident enough about my skin i'll go back to 500 mg maybe every other day. I've also been drinking warm lemon water when i wakeup first thing in the morning and sometimes at night if i remember to. A huge change that I've noticed is that my skin is A LOT less oily. it used to be shiny after like 2 hours of washing it... I'm not sure what exactly caused the decrease in oil production but i'm going to keep up with everything i'm doing. My stress levels are not so bad anymore and i owe it to my changes in breathing and exercise! It really makes me feel energized and happier. In the past few days I have worn less and less makeup and i can finally say it feels good to be in my own bare skin. I'm trying to gain my self-esteem and confidence back and i'm getting there slowly but surely. Acne is a curse but also a blessing because it has opened my eyes to many things about how our lifestyle choices and diet have an affect on our bodies, whether they are good or bad. If i never had acne, i would have never started to become healthier and make better choices for my body. It also made me realize how much today's society in America encourages unhealthy decisions. It's hard to stick to a healthy regimen when there's so much sugar, alcohol, chemicals, stress, etc ALL around us. Everyone should be worried about their health and what they put in their bodies. There's so much toxicity all around in our daily lives but its up to us to not allow it to damage our health.


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